Campus Security Authority Incident Report

NOTE: For immediate assistance, call the police or emergency services directly at 911.

All university staff, faculty, and students are asked to assist in making the university a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations or persons and reporting them as outlined below.

This policy does not pertain to acts of discrimination, or harassment, including sexual harassment. For such matters, the Discrimination Complaint Procedures should be referenced.

In all the below scenarios, when the SUNY Empire Office of Safety & Security is informed of an incident anonymity of the reporter, victim, and accused can be preserved. Names and details are not necessary to report incidents.

Anyone who witnesses, is the victim of, or involved in any violation of the law such as assault, robbery, theft, or acts of sexual violence, that could conceivably pose a threat to the health and safety of any person(s) on university owned or leased property or any during any university-sponsored activity should contact the local police agency (911) and follow their directions.

In addition, the individual should immediately report the incident to the Office of Safety & Security at 518-580-2900 or ext. 2900, who will inform additional college employees, as applicable.

Any incidents that are less serious in nature, motor vehicle crashes on campus property, university property damage, or injuries on campus must be reported to the Office of Safety and Security at 518-580-2900 or ext. 2900.

Information on the reporting requirements may be found in the Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting (PDF 2,143kB). Information specific to the duties of campus security authorities can be found in chapter 4 of the handbook (beginning on page 49).

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. If you are unable to use the PDF file, please contact the Office of Safety and Security for help.

In all cases, the person reporting the incident may choose to withhold their identity.