Empire State University Office of Campus Safety and Security

The Empire State University Office of Campus Safety and Security oversees statewide security operations for the institution. Our job is to work closely with local and state law-enforcement agencies and first responders throughout New York to ensure a safe, secure learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Our office is staffed during business hours, and we do not provide 24-hour coverage or a patrol force. All federal, state and local laws apply at SUNY Empire locations. We have forged memorandums of understanding with local law enforcement for the investigation of crimes that occur at SUNY Empire locations, as representatives of the Office of Safety and Security serve an administrative function and do not possess law-enforcement authority.

Safety Statistics, Security Policies and Reports

Although Empire State University is nonresidential, federal law requires that we disclose information about crime on and around our campuses, including property not owned or maintained by the university.

The annual security report contains crime statistics from the three previous years, as well as security-based policy statements, including sexual assault policies that ensure basic victims' rights, assert the law-enforcement authority of campus police and describe where/how students should report crimes.

The report is available to all current students and employees. It is the responsibility of the Office of Campus Safety and Security to collect crime reports and distribute annual crime statistics by October 1 of each calendar year.