University Safety and Security Policy and Procedures

In compliance with the Higher Education Act and the State University of New York, Empire State University has developed specific policies and procedures to maintain a safe and secure learning and work environment. These policies and procedures can be found on the university's policy page under "Safety and Security."

A crisis or emergency can occur at any time and may impact one individual, a single building, or an entire campus. Emergencies can cause stress, confusion, and panic. To minimize these effects, initial activation and implementation of the Emergency Operations Plan (PDF 2,190kB) (EOP) should always be handled in a calm and consistent manner. Efficient implementation of the EOP will provide clear direction, responsibility, and continuity for key officials and administrators. A well-constructed EOP minimizes the possible threat to individuals and properties during an actual emergency. To minimize the threat of an emergency, annual evaluation and reviews of the EOP shall be completed.

SUNY Empire has undertaken the necessary planning to protect people and property from unexpected emergencies, to maintain reasonable continuity of operations, and facilitate expedient recovery and return to normal operating schedules. This EOP is a guideline and cannot cover every detail required for all eventualities. This EOP may be utilized as a basis for more detailed planning when an actual emergency happens.

 Emergency Booklet (PDF 2,948kB)