Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies

Labor Studies at Empire State University's Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies (HVASLS) comprises an examination of work, workers, and worker organizations, both historically and in contemporary contexts. It provides the opportunity for union members, workers, and others interested in the field to critically examine the forces and relations of power that shape their lives, and collectively assess ideas, policies, and worker-centered strategies for social change and justice. 

The Van Arsdale school provides pathways to Associates and Bachelors Degrees. Its offerings range from pre-structured face-to-face programs for union members in the building trades to online programming serving those interested in Labor Studies who require more flexibility-such as students from the Union Privilege Program. The school also offers workshops for unions and other worker/community organizations.  

The main location of HVASLS is at 4 Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.

Student standing dressed in graduation robe displaying graduation cap with message that reads solidarity.