School of Arts and Humanities

In the School of Arts and Humanities, we study human experience and expressions while learning about ourselves and others.

The study of arts and humanities promotes professional success and personal fulfillment. Benefits include strong reading and writing skills, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, clear communication, and an appreciation for different cultures.

Earn your associate or bachelor’s degree in cultural studies, the arts, or historical studies, with concentrations in:

  • American History
  • Art
  • Asian American History
  • Culture
  • Communication
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Digital Media Arts 
  • Film
  • History
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Military History
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Public History
  • Religious Studies
  • Social and Economic History
  • Storytelling
  • Theatre
  • Women's History
  • Writing
  • …or create your own concentration

We understand the challenges of juggling work, family life, and other responsibilities while earning a degree, and we’re here to help you succeed — online, in person, or both.