• Free Internet Scholarship Searches

As the Internet grows, so does the number of sites specifically geared toward student financial aid. Searching these sites for financial aid information that meets an individual student's specific needs can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. What follows is an overview of websites that provide information on a wide range of student financial aid areas. Students should remember that the information they provide over the Internet is not secure and that the use of "free" services may result in unsolicited mail, email, or phone contact from businesses involved in financial aid. While each website has been reviewed by an Empire State University financial aid professional, inclusion on the list does not constitute an endorsement of the sponsor or products.

  • CollegeBoard provides a free scholarship search, as well as information on the basics of how to apply for outside scholarships and how to spot scholarship scams.
  • Scholarships.Com is a site where you can find scholarships broken down by grade level, major, state and type. This site also offers free information on funding your education, study skills and success stories.
  • FastWEB is a very user-friendly, free database of more than 180,000 potential sources of student financial aid. Students enter demographic data and within 15 minutes have a clear and concise listing of possible sources of financial aid. The site allows students to create a mailbox where they are notified of potential sources of aid that become available after the initial scholarship search. Students who provide an email address will have scholarship updates automatically sent to it.
  • Molis Scholarship Search/Science Wise provides free information about scholarships for qualified minority applicants. The search is not narrowly defined, so students will receive information on financial aid resources regarding general eligibility criteria.
  • enables the student to complete a profile which asks questions regarding the student's talents, hobbies and other personal characteristics. Scholarship information will appear when the profile is completed.

*Students who utilize Internet scholarship searches should be aware that the information they provide to the search is not secure. Further, a student who uses the search may receive unsolicited mail concerning student aid, lender services, etc. that may contain incomplete or incorrect eligibility information. Empire State University does not guarantee that the use of the search will result in the successful receipt of any scholarship aid for the student. Nevertheless, the free Internet search FastWEB is a good starting point for alternative sources of funding for school.