How to Get Credit for Learning Gained Through Your Life Experience

At SUNY Empire, you have several ways to earn credit toward your degree based on what you already know!

The credit you earn can be a game-changer for your degree.

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Saves you time

less courses you have to take

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Saves you money

again, less courses you have to take

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Puts your degree within reach

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Rewards you for your education and work experience

Credits for your prior learning can be a game-changer for your degree.

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On average, SUNY Empire students save $17,000 in tuition costs and as many as two years of study.

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More than half of our students receive credits for their prior learning and experience


  • Workplace learning
  • Professional development trainings
  • Military training
  • Standardized exams
  • Some online courses
  • Personal study
  • Previous college credit

SUNY Empire accepts hundreds of these learning experiences as credits toward your degree.

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