Get Credit with Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (iPLA)

Empire State University is committed to the idea that students should be awarded credit for verifiable college-level learning, regardless of where or how it was acquired.

Many students have gained knowledge from sources that are not validated through traditional course work or other forms of prior learning assessment. That’s what iPLA is for.

This could include any potential sources of college-level learning, such as:

    • Work experience
    • Licenses, certifications, and other credentials
    • Continuing professional education
    • Noncredit courses
    • Seminars and in-service training programs
    • Learning acquired through Open Educational Resources (e.g., MOOCs)
    • Volunteer work
    • Hobbies and recreational activities
    • Independent reading and research
    • Military training that has not been evaluated by ACE
    • Study at postsecondary/proprietary schools that may be licensed but not accredited

Each year, more than 4,000 Empire State University students complete the iPLA process.

There is a one-time fee for the Individualized Prior Learning Assessment process. The fee is charged once your iPLA request is accepted.

How to get started with your Individualized Prior Learning Assessment for standardized exams?

If you’re a SUNY Empire student, contact your faculty mentor to help you determine the relevant learning and experience that you may be able to get credit for.

If you’re not already a SUNY Empire student, you can:
    • Call 800-847-3000 and speak with an enrollment officer
    • Or find your local enrollment officer

Overview of the iPLA process

    1. Work with your mentor to identify your college-level knowledge and experience
    2. Prepare your documentation and submit your iPLA request
    3. Interview with an evaluator
    4. Get your iPLA credits approved and pay the one-time iPLA fee