The Department of Literature, Communication and Cultural Studies

The Department of Literature, Communication and Cultural Studies offers courses that foster competency in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, cross-cultural understanding and literacy. Employers in every field are seeking these skills, which serve students as they progress in their careers. 

Reading, writing, multicultural awareness and analytical skills taught through courses in literature, philosophy, language study, communications and more also transfer to support academic work in other fields.  Students completing concentrations within this department are encouraged to pursue their individual interests within a broad and deep set of offerings. Concentrations in literature, communications and cultural studies are often popular preparation for careers in education, law, public relations, and social media. 

Nondegree Students

Taking individual courses as a nondegree student is possible and will offer you the same range of courses and rigorous standards as degree-seeking undergraduate students. Even if you’re not pursuing a degree, you can take courses to prepare for university-level study, stay current in your field, or improve your job skills.