Access to Facilities and Building Security

Most university locations are open to the public during normal business hours. At night and during periods when classes are not in session, university buildings are generally locked. A security access card system is utilized at various locations. Faculty, staff, and a limited number of students, with proper identification, are issued keys/access cards to gain entry into buildings. Individuals assigned access cards or keys are responsible for reporting if the cards are missing, lost, and/or stolen.

Campus Facilities

Each location establishes procedures to ensure the safety of its students and employees. While procedures are appropriate to the particular location, all follow these principles:

  • Keys/access cards and knowledge of security codes (in buildings with alarm systems) are limited to employees, and only those who may need to be in the building during evenings and weekends are provided keys.
  • Individuals who are no longer employees or on a long-term leave of absence from the university must turn in their keys/access cards before separation from the institution.
  • Where there are receptionists, all visitors and students must check in upon arrival and departure.
  • Employees who organize after-hours meetings and events are responsible for safety and security while the meeting is in session and also are responsible for ensuring that the building is secured when they leave.

Facilities Maintenance

  • Saratoga Springs: The overall maintenance of facilities in Saratoga Springs is conducted through the facilities department. Deficiencies found at Saratoga Springs facilities are to be reported to the Office of Facilities by submitting a service ticket. Periodic safety inspections are conducted by the Office of Safety and Security in conjunction with the Office of Facilities. Overall hazards are identified and corrected. Security, lighting, and general safety issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner.
  • All university locations outside Saratoga Springs: Deficiencies or hazards found or identified at other Empire State University locations must be reported directly to the Regional Operations Coordinator. The deficiencies are corrected by the individual maintenance companies or property owners of each site. The Regional Operations Coordinator should also notify the Office of Facilities by submitting a service ticket.