Student Conduct Expectations

Empire State University strives to maintain a community that promotes and values the academic experience, institutional and personal integrity, and justice, equality, and diversity. Members of the Empire State University community should be able to work and learn in an environment that is orderly, peaceful, and free of disturbances that impede individuals’ growth and development, or their ability to perform their responsibilities. Respect for the rights of others and Empire State University property are essential expectations for each Empire State University student. Student Conduct Policy

To provide a safe and orderly environment for teaching and learning that is free from violence, harassment, fraud, theft, disruption and/or intimidation, Empire State University provides basic rules that are detailed in the Student Conduct Policy.  Students are expected to be familiar with the Student Conduct Policy and the regulations included in the policy, and to abide by them.

In short, these rules expect all to:   

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Honest
  • Be Equitable

The Policy also affirms the right of free expression and advocacy, which are essential to scholarly discourse and an effective citizenry.   So, speak your mind, but steer clear of disruptive, threatening, unethical, or abusive behavior in the university community. 

When There is an issue

While issues with student conduct are uncommon in the day-to-day life at Empire State University, on occasion someone may engage in behavior that violates the Student Conduct Policy.  Such behavior is referred to as misconduct.  It may include hate or bias, sexual violence, fraud, harassment, or other violations of the Student Conduct Policy.  In these cases, the Student Conduct Director works with students and university employees to investigate and address the issues, and when required, hold students accountable for their actions.  The Office of Student Conduct investigates allegations of student misconduct, and oversees the Student Conduct System

Reporting an Issue

If you experience or witness misconduct, we encourage you to report it. 

David Caso, Associate Director of Community Standards and Engagement is responsible for intake of student conduct concerns.  Please reach out to him at:

Phone:  518-580-4742

If You are Accused of Misconduct

Empire State University has comprehensive procedures outlined in the Student Conduct System, that are designed to provide student respondents with fairness and a meaningful opportunity to be heard.  The Student Conduct Officer or designee will guide the respondent in the process. 

Steps in Reviewing Complaints of Misconduct

The Student Conduct System has many steps, and the following summarizes, but does not replace the Student Conduct System: 

  1. The Student Conduct Office receives complaint
  2. Student Conduct Director may issue any necessary interim restrictions or directives
  3. The Student Conduct Office notifies the accused student(s), known as the respondent(s).
  4. Student Conduct Office speaks with the parties involved and gathers information
  5. Student Conduct Office establishes the path to resolution, which can include referral to the Title IX officer, making an agreement among the parties, an administrative determination of responsibility, or a student conduct hearing
  6. The Student Conduct Officer/Body determines responsibility
  7. The Student Conduct Officer/Body determines sanctions, if applicable
  8. The Student Conduct office manages appeals


David Caso, Associate Director of Community Standards and Engagement is responsible for intake of student conduct concerns.  Please reach out to him at:

Phone:  518-580-4742

The Student Conduct System is overseen by the Executive Director of University Student Services in the Division of Student Success.


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