Emergency Management

Students develop Emergency Management concentrations to understand the wide range of issues arising from disasters, acts of terrorism and other emergencies.

This interdisciplinary bachelor's concentration aims to develop a broad and deep knowledge of your chosen field by considering:

  • the causes and consequences of emergency situations
  • management issues relating to planning, response, and recovery
  • community and public health impacts
  • the political, social, historical, cultural, and scientific aspects of emergencies

If you are interested, you may want to consider independent study and internship opportunities with the New York State Emergency Office, located in a number of areas across New York.

Courses Relevant to Emergency Management

  • EMGT 2005 Introduction to Emergency Management
  • EMGT 3015 Emergency Communications
  • EMGT 3020 Hazardous Materials & Public Awareness
  • EMGT 3035 Managing Bio-Terrorism and Public Health Emergencies
  • EMGT 3045 Mass Disasters: Implications for Public Policy
  • EMGT 3050 Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation
  • SOCI 3045 Disaster and Society
  • SOCI 3065 Perspectives on Terrorism