Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The B.S. degree in Business Administration is a 124-credit program, and it is listed with SUNY and New York State Education Department as a registered Bachelor of Science degree program in business administration. It is designed to serve students who are interested in pursuing future careers as business leaders and professionals in public, private, nonprofit, and/or international organizations. The program provides a solid foundation of theoretical, conceptual, and applied knowledge in the areas of business, management, and economics and meets SUNY liberal arts and general education requirements. Students will have the option of completing the degree program through various delivery modes, such as online, blended, and/or face-to-face study. The program is based on the same general requirements for the registered undergraduate program in Business, Management and Economics, including admission requirements.

Students enrolled in 16 credits per semester, two semesters per year, can expect to complete this program in four years. SUNY Empire State University also offers a summer term with business, management, accounting, marketing, and economics courses. It permits course transfers based on the university’s policy. Students may transfer a total of up to 93 upper and lower level credits of the same listed courses/topics or equivalent courses from SUNY or non-SUNY accredited higher education institution. The program provides students with the option to pursue a more structured degree program in Business Administration while offering them the option to individualize their degrees through their selection of electives.


The admissions requirements for the B.S. in Business Administration will be the same as current undergraduate admissions requirements, which include proof of high school completion and the ability to pursue college-level work as demonstrated through an essay, which is submitted with the admissions application.

The program will follow the university policy for granting prior learning credits (PLA) credits to be among the 93 maximum transferable credits.

The B.S. in Business Administration is based upon the guidelines for a Business Administration concentration in the Registered Area of Study of Business, Management and Economics. Therefore, students designing a B.S. in Business Administration should consult the current program details. A concentration title of Business Administration is not permitted for a program developed in the AOS Business, Management and Economics. 

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For students matriculated prior to the Spring 2020 term only:  Business, Management and Economics - Business Administration Concentration - For Students Matriculated after July 1, 2010 but before Spring 2020. 

For students matriculated prior to January 1, 2022 but after January 1, 2020: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) In Business Administration For Students Matriculated Before Jan. 1, 2022.

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