Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The B.S. in Accounting is a 124-credit program, listed with SUNY and New York State Education Department as a registered bachelor of science degree program in accounting It is designed to serve students who are interested in pursuing future careers as professional accountants regardless of their chosen field or certification in public, private, nonprofit, and/or governmental accounting services. The program provides the foundation of core competencies, theoretical and technical body of knowledge in the content areas of Accounting, general business, and SUNY liberal arts and general education requirements. Students will have the option of completing the degree program through various delivery modes: online, blended, and/or face-to-face study.

Students enrolled in 16 credits per semester, two semesters per year, could expect to complete this program in four years. Empire State College also offers a summer term with accounting and business courses. It permits courses transfer based on the college’s policy (Students may transfer up to 93 total upper and lower level credits of same listed courses/topics or equivalent courses, from SUNY or non-SUNY accredited higher education institution, as fit in the program following the college’s policy. The program provides students with the option to pursue a more structured degree program in Accounting while offering them the option to individualize their degree through their selection of electives.

Note: This registered program does not satisfy the 150-cr., academic requirements for the CPA Licensure. (Students need to fill-out and submit a CPA Disclaimer with their degree plan). Students interested in CPA Licensure should consider SUNY Empire's B.S. in Accounting to MBA in Business Management CPA-150 Licensure Qualifying Program.

(Note: Auditing must be upper-level course)


The admissions requirements for the B.S. in Accounting will be the same as current undergraduate admissions requirements, which include proof of high school completion and the ability to pursue college-level work as demonstrated through an essay, which is submitted with the admissions application.

The program will follow the college policy for granting PLA credits to be among the maximum transferred credits [93].

B.S. in Accounting Outline of Curriculum Requirement (PDF 88kB)

B.S. in Accounting Sample Program Schedule (PDF 131kB)

Learning Resources

Accounting Certification Disclaimer (PDF 177kB)

More Information

If you would like more information about the Accounting program, please contact:

Accounting, Economics and Finance Department Chair:

Nazik Roufaiel

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