New Academic Program Development

The university encourages the development and refinement of academic offerings to reflect the changing needs of learners and society. Faculty are the academic leaders in defining the curricula of the university and work closely with the Office of Academic Affairs to design programs that serve student needs and are both academically sound and fiscally viable.

New academic program development includes the academic and intellectual conceptualization, as well as the processes associated with the development, review and approval of formal new program proposals, as well as revisions to existing programs. Such programs include undergraduate areas of study, other undergraduate degree programs, such as the B.S. in Nursing, graduate degree programs and certificate programs at both levels. Please review the following information as you begin to design or redefine programs.



For assistance please contact:

Lindy Godlewski, M.S.Ed
Senior Coordinator of Program Planning & Development
Office of Academic Affairs
(518) 587-2100, ext. 2837