Empire State University Weather Closure Guidelines

The safety of every Empire State University student, staff member, and faculty member is our highest priority. Severe weather or facility/utility issues may require an individual building, location, or all of SUNY Empire to close. In the case of a closure or delay, every effort is made to inform the SUNY Empire community in a timely manner, using the following methods:

  • Emails and Text Messaging: 
    Notifications will be sent via email and text messaging through Everbridge, our university-wide notification system, using contact information managed in Self-Service Banner. Students and employees are encouraged to ensure their contact information is correct and up to date. SUNY Empire is not responsible for charges/data usage resulting from Everbridge alerts.
  • SUNY Empire Website:
    The SUNY Empire homepage provides updates on weather-related delays, cancellations, closures, or other emergencies, when in effect.

Travel Information


If you are unable to travel due to weather or other emergency, please contact your professor or mentor. You can find mentor and faculty contact information on the university's online directory. Please include mentor@sunyempire.edu in the CC: line when contacting a mentor about a weather emergency.


Only the governor of New York state can close state agencies, offices, and campuses. Unless SUNY Empire is officially closed by the governor, all employees, faculty and staff who are scheduled to work onsite are required to report to work for standard hours of operation.* Employees absent from work due to weather conditions will be required to charge accrued time.

* At campus discretion and with supervisor approval, where an employee is able to fulfill their work obligation from an alternate location, they may do so.

Partner Campus Locations

If a partner campus closes and the governor has not closed state offices, SUNY Empire employees must contact their immediate supervisor to determine a work location and plan of operation for that day.

In the event of a weather or other emergency, to ensure the security of our locations, building doors will be locked until we can confirm that the building location is occupied. In the event that the door is locked, use your ID badge to enter.

More Information*

For more information see the Suspension of Operations and Location Closings Policy.