Chapter 31 Benefits

Chapter 31: VA Veteran Readiness and Employment Education Program

VA Veteran Readiness and Employment is a program whose primary function is to help veterans with service-connected disabilities become suitably employed, maintain employment, or achieve independence in daily living. The program offers a number of services to help each eligible disabled veteran reach her/his rehabilitation goal. These services include: vocational and personal counseling, education and training, financial aid, job assistance, and if needed, medical and dental treatment. Services generally last up to 48 months, but can be extended in certain instances.

Chapter 31: Benefits

A veteran may be eligible for Veteran Readiness (Chapter 31) benefits if they:

  • Are or will be discharged under other than dishonorable conditions
  • Incurred or aggravated a service-connected disability which entitles them to VA disability compensation
  • Needs vocational rehabilitation due to their service-connected disability creating an employment handicap

An eligible veteran generally has 12 years from the date he/she is notified of entitlement to VA compensation to use her/his Chapter 31 benefits. The VA may approve an extension of time and/or length of training in certain cases.

A veteran who is eligible for an evaluation under Chapter 31 first must apply for services and meet with a counselor. The counselor will work with the veteran to determine if an employment handicap exists as a result of his/her service-connected disability. If an employment handicap is established and the veteran is entitled to services, the counselor and the veteran will continue counseling to select a track of services and jointly develop a plan to address the veteran’s readiness and employment needs.

For more information, go to Form 28-8832 is an application for counseling only. Do not use this form to apply for veteran readiness and employment benefits (Chapter 31). Use VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation. These forms are available at You can apply online at