Bookstore Credit Policy and Procedure

Students who have a credit balance on their account may use the credit toward the purchase of books and supplies for the courses they are registered for from our bookstore.  Financial aid orders must be  submitted online at or placed with a signed course materials order form.

The Bookstore consults with the Financial Aid office to ensure that there is sufficient credit on the student’s account at the time of the purchase.  However, changes to financial aid may occur- for example, the student may make a change to their registration, their financial aid acceptance, or there may be a change due to other eligibility issues such aggregate limits or good academic standing.  If a change to financial aid occurs, the student is responsible for paying any charges that result. 

Multiple orders of the same materials for one term may be refused at the discretion of the Financial Aid office.  For full information regarding bookstore policies, procedures and other related information students should visit