Applications and Forms You May Need

  • Financial Aid Applications: These are the initial forms to be completed for federal and state financial aid. These include the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), link to the application for tuition assistance program (TAP), direct-loan forms, aid for part-time study application (APTS) and forms for the graduate teacher education assistance for college and higher education grant (TEACH).
  • Additional Information Requests: Additional forms are sometimes requested based on FAFSA results. Please complete the appropriate form only if instructed to do so by the Office of Financial Aid. These forms include the verification form, identity and statement of educational purposes form, direct-loan forms, discharge status form and information on eligible citizen/noncitizen documentation is also in this section.
  • Appeals: View the following forms if you have a special circumstance which you feel should be reviewed in determining your financial-aid eligibility. Forms in this section include the special financial circumstances form, unusual circumstances form, unusual enrollment history appeal, the parent FAFSA refusal form and information and forms on mitigating circumstances.
  • Cross-Registration and Consortium Forms: If you plan to attend both Empire State University and another college simultaneously, you will need to access these forms.
  • In-School Deferment Request: If you have a current loan in repayment, you may request an in-school deferment if you plan to attend at least half time.
  • Withdrawal: Link to the term withdrawal form and instructions.
  • Permission to Release Information: Complete this form to allow another individual to access your account.
  • Military and Veteran Financial Forms: Access information about special programs available to military students.
  • Related to Registration: Access the New York state residency application and the UUP tuition waiver form.