Policy on New York State Residency

A student who is currently being assessed at the non-resident tuition rate and wishes to be considered for New York State resident tuition should review the eligibility requirements below and submit a completed residency application along with supporting documentation if they feel as though they are eligible. 

Campus Determination of Residency

The initial residency determination is made at the time of admission.  The university can request verification of residency status for tuition billing purposes at the time of the student’s initial application to the university and/or while the student is attending the institution if the student meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Attended an out of state high school and/or college prior to applying
  • Indicating less than one year as a New York State resident
  • Providing only a Post Office Box address
  • No active address
  • An out of state address (mailing/home/temporary)

After the student’s initial application to the university, students are monitored on a term-by-term basis to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of the SUNY Residency policy and therefore remain eligible for New York State resident tuition.  Students are responsible for maintaining current and valid address and contact information in the student information system.   

Residency Eligibility Basics

At State University of New York (SUNY) operated campuses, students are generally considered a New York State resident if they have established their domicile in New York State for at least twelve consecutive months prior to the last date of the registration period of a particular term.   

Determination of Domicile

Campuses rely on documents and circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following to determine if an individual’s domicile is in New York State.  For financially dependent students, the campus will rely on documents relating to the parent(s) or legal guardian when determining eligibility.  Living in the state of New York alone does not meet the residency requirement.


  1. Duration of a student's physical presence in New York
  2. State of residency of student's family
  3. N.Y. state voter registration
  4. N.Y. state driver's license
  5. N.Y. state motor vehicle registration
  6. N.Y. state real property ownership
  7. N.Y. state residential rental lease
  8. N.Y. state income tax returns
  9. Proof the applicant receives public assistance from New York State or from a city, county or municipal agency in New York State 

Exception to the Domicile Rule:

  1. If a student attended an approved New York state high school for two or more years, graduated from an approved New York state high school and applied for admission to the State University of New York within five years of receiving a New York state high school diploma; OR
  2. If a student attended an approved New York state program for a general equivalency diploma exam preparation, received a GED and applied for admission to the State University of New York within five years of receiving the GED.

How to Appeal for New York State Resident Tuition

Submit the application below along with supporting documentation. Completed residency applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by the last date of add/drop for the term in which tuition is due.  Applications received after the last date of add/drop will be reviewed and made effective the next term, if approved. 

Residency determinations cannot be made retroactively.  The burden of proof is on the student to provide a completed residency application and all requested supporting documentation to the Student Accounts office (StudentAccounts@sunyempire.edu) to demonstrate a New York State domicile has been established or that the student qualifies under the exception to the domicile rule. 

New York Residency Status Form (PDF 527kB)

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF documents. If it is not installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe.

For more information, please visit the current State University of New York policy titled "Residency, Establishment of for Tuition Purposes."



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