M.S. in Nursing

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New opportunity!  You can complete a Masters in Nursing Education or a Masters in Nursing Administration regardless of where you live in the United States.

The Master of Science in Nursing degree program at Empire State University prepares graduates to advance nursing practice in a complex and evolving health care environment.

Through graduate-level study, nurses will develop enhanced analytical skills and deliver care that ensures safety and improves quality outcomes. 

‌The program is designed for part-time study to accommodate the responsibilities of adult learners. The university's adult learners pursue their academic goals while balancing work, family and community commitments. The nursing faculty serve as facilitators in both program advisement and instruction.

At SUNY Empire's School of Nursing, you can:

  • enroll part time or full-time
  • take nursing courses online
  • complete your degree in as little as 10 months*
  • take 8-week or 15-week courses

*Subject to individual degree program credits

M.S. in Nursing Program Outcomes:

  1. Integrate advanced principles and theories from nursing and related sciences to effect changes in health care practices and policies
  2. Assume a leadership role on interprofessional teams and facilitate collaboration by using advanced communication skills
  3. Critique strategies for ethical decision making in nursing research, education, and clinical practice management
  4. Engage in lifelong learning activities that further professional role development (as a nurse educator or a nurse administrator)
  5. Synthesize evidence to inform decision making and evaluate outcomes in a variety of practice settings
  6. Design person-centered and culturally responsive approaches to promote optimal health outcomes
  7. Use informatics and health care technologies to enhance practice

The Master of Science in Nursing Education program is 36 credits and can be completed in six terms.

The Master of Science in Nursing Administration program is 33 credits and can be completed in six terms.


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