June 4, 2024

Empire State University Celebrates Class of 2024 in Prague

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY) Empire State University celebrated 104 graduates at a ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic on June 26, 2024.

The students are part of a long-standing partnership program with the University of New York Prague and Empire State University, allowing students to earn both a European and American degree. The graduates hailed from the Czech Republic and 26 other countries.

The program is led by University of New York Prague President Elias Foutsis and General Manager Sotirios Foutsis. Empire State University President Lisa Vollendorf attended the ceremony and spoke to Empire State University’s international graduates.

“By earning your degree from UNYP and staying to earn your degree from Empire State University, you own something that very few people do — a dual degree and multinational academic credential that will open doors for you here in Europe, in the United States, and around the world,” Empire State University President Lisa Vollendorf said. “This degree gives you mobility. Your education shows employers that you have global perspective and cross-cultural understanding — skills that are vital in today’s interconnected world.”

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