Undergraduate Repeat Study

When a course is repeated, the highest grade and associated credits are included in the student’s credits attempted, credits completed, and grade point average (G.P.A.).

All courses taken and all grades earned are included in the student’s SUNY Empire transcript. Repeated courses appear on the SUNY Empire transcript with a note of “E” for exclude, indicating they have been repeated.  It’s important to remember that a repeated course grade does not replace the original grade:

  • If a student withdraws from the repeated course or
  • If a student is administratively withdrawn from the repeated course or
  • Until a grade A through F or Pass/No Pass is awarded for the repeated course.

If the student took the first enrollment of the course prior to fall 2018 term, the student must initiate the Request to Repeat a Study request form. Submission of this form should be done at the time of registration and must be approved by the student’s mentor/advisor.  If the student took the first enrollment beginning on or after the fall 2018 term, the system will automatically update with the repeated course designated with the end of term processing. No form is required.

Please note that Financial aid may not be available for a repeated course. Contact FinancialAid@sunyempire.edu with questions.

Records UG Repeat Study (PDF 205kB)

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to open this file, please contact us at RegistrarsOffice@sunyempire.edu for assistance.)

Submit this form to the Office of the Registrar by:

Office of the Registrar
Empire State University
111 West Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.