G.P.A. Calculator

This G.P.A. Calculator can help you estimate your:

  • term G.P.A.
  • cumulative G.P.A.

The G.P.A. calculator also can help you determine what may be required to raise your cumulative G.P.A. to a particular level.

Note: When using the G.P.A. calculator, only include credit which:

  • has been earned at SUNY Empire State University
  • is included in the G.P.A. calculation.

For complete information, see the following:

Step 1: Enter your current G.P.A. information

(not including credits for the current term)

Note: Your academic transcript in Banner displays your current cumulative G.P.A. and your G.P.A. credits (the total credits included in that calculation).

Step 2: Calculate ways to change your G.P.A.

A. Average G.P.A. needed this term to raise my cumulative G.P.A.


at the end of this term, what will I have to average on my current courses to reach this goal?

B. Number of credits needed to raise my cumulative G.P.A.:

average from now on, how many additional credits will it take to raise my G.P.A. to this new level?

C. Effect of my expected grades this term on my G.P.A.

Enter the number of credits and anticipated grade below for each course you're taking this term:

Number of CreditsAnticipated Grade

Click the Calculate button to perform the G.P.A. calculations below:

Projected G.P.A.:
Projected G.P.A. for term Term Credits
Projected Cumulative G.P.A. Total Credits

Your G.P.A. is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted. Your G.P.A. is also subject to additional guidelines including, but not limited to, course repeat rules.

For further information, go to the following:

Still need assistance? Contact the Office of the Registrar.