Appointment of Members to University Advisory Boards Procedures

Appointment of Members to University Advisory Boards Procedures


Office of the President


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Updated procedures that subsume old appointment policy.


Advisory Board

Background Information:

Replaces the 1977 Appointment of Members to Advisory Boards/Councils for Centers and Units Policy



To establish university-wide guidelines for the formation of university advisory boards.


Advisory Board: Advisory boards or committees are made up of volunteers and are formed to give advice and recommendations to the university’s management staff.

Impact Statement: A document that analyses the projected effects of a contemplated project.


Draft Procedures for Appointments to Advisory Boards

  1. Write an impact statement addressing the need for the advisory board and the goals for the board noting if it be an ad hoc board (less than a year in duration) or a permanent board.  Describe how the work of this board will address the specific concern(s) and the impact to having this board in place.
  2. The appropriate President’s Council member will bring the request with the impact statement to the vice president/provost for consultation.
  3. Vice president reviews the list with president (and cabinet) and decision is made.
  4. If approved, the requesting party drafts a letter of invitation for each prospective member on behalf of the president and sends to the president’s office for signature and routing.
  5. It is the requesting person’s responsibility for all follow-up and coordination of proposed committee or board, unless otherwise stipulated.

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