Technology Acceptable Use- Student -Student Affairs

Technology Acceptable Use- Student -Student Affairs


Chief Information Officer


Information Technology Security Analyst


Student Affairs



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Implementation History:

Approved: April 14, 2002, Revised: July 9, 2003, February 2023


Students, Computers, Computer lab, Account Access, Technology Access

Background Information:

This policy replaces the “Computer Use Statement Policy-Students”. This policy amends and incorporates all policy statements from the preceding policy. This policy was drafted with the assistance of a third-party cyber security firm. The SUNY Empire “laptop loaner program” is acknowledged in this policy.  


SUNY Empire promotes student use of its online academic resources, online student support services and computing facilities located at centers and units, and seeks to improve the computer literacy of its students, faculty and staff. Every user is expected to adhere to the statements that follow to further these goals. 

The purpose of this Acceptable Use Policy is to clearly establish each member of the institution's role in protecting its information assets and communicate minimum expectations for meeting these requirements. Fulfilling these objectives will enable SUNY Empire to implement a comprehensive system-wide Information Security Program.  



The Technology Acceptable Use Policy-Students is posted under the category of Information Security and Technology. It is also linked to in the category of Student Affairs. 

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