Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

The M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program’s fully online curriculum is paired with required clinical experiences to provide a rigorous, yet flexible program that prepares students to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and New York State Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBA). Behavior Analysts focus on the science of human behavior. Empire State University's MS in ABA program focuses on compassionate behavior change. Students may acquire field experience in a variety of settings, including schools, residential facilities, healthcare organizations, or community settings. Students may enroll full- or half-time and can complete the 41-credit program in as little as four terms or less than 1.5 years.

What Makes SUNY Empire's Applied Behavior Analysis Program Unique?

  • Courses offered in online, distance learning format to be completed at your own time to maximize flexibility, allowing you to continue to maintain your other personal and professional responsibilities.
  • New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst and Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) Verified Course Sequence (VCS) approved course sequence.
  • Program emphasis on compassionate behavior change and promoting dignity and respect.
  • Program commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in instruction and curriculum, supervision and mentorship, program and materials costs, and communication and feedback.
  • Highly affordable tuition for in and out of state students and financial aid available for half- and full-time matriculated students.
  • Small cohorts and class sizes, allowing students to collaborate, study, or socialize during optional scheduled and as needed group video calls or at designated locations.
  • Faculty and instructors eager to support and meet with students for optional synchronous/live course meetings, office hours, or individual meetings through video calls or at designated locations.
  • Students are assigned a full-time doctoral level faculty mentor to guide their progression through the program and as they transition into their career.
  • Faculty support for students to complete scholarly work through publications and presentations at local, national, and international organizations.
  • Partnerships with behavior analytic settings within and outside of New York State where students can complete required experience hours with an approved supervisor.
  • Faculty commitment to bi-directional feedback and ongoing professional learning and growth.
  • Exam preparation integrated into the program from the outset and supplemented with online examination preparation program access.
  • Program integration with the SUNY Empire Center for Autism Advocacy: Research, Education, Supports (CAARES) that conducts research, provides education, and delivers supports to better serve Autistic and Neurodiverse individuals in the classroom, workplace, and beyond. CAARES commits to be informed by Autistic and Neurodiverse individuals, caregivers, and research.

Program Design

Core courses are completed 100% online with no required synchronous/live class sessions. Courses completed through one- or two-week modules that include faculty-recorded lectures and other instructional videos, instructional materials, and module assignment(s) to be watched/completed at a time during the module period that works for your schedule. Modules include opportunities for interaction with cohort and faculty through video and Supplemental and optional, virtual office hours and meetings with faculty as well as student cohort meetings provide students “in person” experiences.

Program cohorts begin in the fall term each year, with 15-week courses in the fall and spring terms and 8-week courses in the summer term.

  • APPL 6005: Applied Behavior Analysis I (3 credits)
  • APPL 6010: Applied Behavior Analysis II (3 credits)
  • APPL 6015: Single Subject Design and Measurement (3 credits)
  • APPL 6020: Developing and Increasing Socially Significant Behaviors (3 credits)
  • APPL 6025: Functional Behavior Assessment (3 credits)
  • APPL 6030: Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
  • APPL 6035: Supervision and Staff Training (3credits)
  • APPL 6040: Maintaining Client Records in ABA (2 credits)
  • EDUC 6045: Teaching Diverse Learners (3 credits)
  • APPL 6045: Autism Spectrum Disorder & Evidence Based Practices (3 credits)

Capstone courses provide students choice to complete an experimental thesis or a professional development project. The capstone thesis or professional development project is completed with the support of the course instructor and faculty mentor.

  • APPL 7001: ABA Capstone I (2 credits)
  • APPL 7002: ABA Capstone II (2 credits)
  • APPL 7003: ABA Capstone III (2 credits)

Practicum courses are supervised, clinical courses that may be completed in a variety of settings, including schools, residential facilities, healthcare organizations, or community settings. Practica courses fulfill the New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst practicum requirements.

  • APPL 7005: Practicum I (3 credits)
  • APPL 7010: Practicum II (3 credits)

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We are proud to be registered with the New York State Education Department towards licensure in applied behavior analysis and recognized as an ABAI® Verified Course Sequence program.

For more information about this program and its course sequencing and descriptions, visit the Empire State University's Academic Catalog.