Combined Degree Pathway in the Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Leadership

B.S. in Allied Health Science to the MBA in Healthcare Leadership

Enrollment in a combined program allows highly qualified, current Empire State University students to work on the Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Leadership while completing the bachelor’s degree. Up to 12 credits of designated master’s courses are incorporated into the bachelor’s degree program and will count toward both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree. A concurred degree plan is not required to apply for the combined program.

Program Requirements

The combined program requires 154 credits total, of which 42 are master’s credits leading to the MBA in Healthcare Leadership. Students must meet all college and academic program guidelines. 

The combined program requires careful planning. It is recommended that this should begin in the first term of a student’s undergraduate career at SUNY Empire. The student and the primary mentor will consult in the planning of the undergraduate degree program so that both the undergraduate degree requirements and the 12 graduate-level credits from the MBA in Healthcare Leadership are included in the degree plan. Students must meet graduate expectations for academic progress and grade point average in their master’s level courses to remain in the combined program.

Combined Program Admission

Admission to the combined program is highly selective. A concurred degree plan is not required to apply for the combined program.  

The preferred professional background includes 3-5 years in a managerial or clinical capacity in a healthcare environment or relevant experience in a related organizational setting.


  • Minimum 3.2 GPA (recalculation of up to the last 60 credits earned); and
  • Transferring up to 92 credits into a bachelor program at the time of application.

To apply complete an Undergraduate application.

Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must include the following undergraduate-level courses or their equivalent in their degree plan: statistics (3 credits), microeconomics (3 credits), and accounting (3 credits).  Applicants who do not have the courses completed at the time of application may be accepted pending completion of the courses.

Combined Program Courses

Students accepted to the combined program will include the following 4 courses (12 credits) in their undergraduate degree plan.

  • HCLM 6005 Mastering Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (3 credits)
  • HCLM 6010 Analysis of Healthcare Markets and Health Policy (3 credits)
  • HCLM 6015 Health Information Management and Informatics (3 credits)
  • HCLM Elective course (3 credits)