Graduate Certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

New for Fall 2023!

The Post-baccalaureate Advanced Certificate and the Post-masters Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) are fully online programs that prepare teachers who hold a valid Initial, Professional or Permanent New York State classroom teaching certificate in another area to gain an Initial or Initial/Professional certificate in TESOL. The programs are grounded in evidence-based practices in the areas of language acquisition and instruction and are situated within a social justice framework that aims to assist limited English proficient students in gaining the necessary skills to increase their prospects of academic success in English-dominant school settings.

Program Design

Both programs consist of 15 credits (five, 3-credit courses). Courses are taught through online instruction and may include teleconferences. Students may begin the certificate programs in the summer or fall terms.

Program Prerequisites

Acceptance into the certificate program requires proof of teacher certification, 12 credits in a language other than English (including American Sign Language), 3 credits in Literacy Skills, and 3.0 undergraduate GPA.

Required Courses

EDUC 6080 Theory to Practice for Second Language Acquisition (3 Credits)

Theory to Practice for Second Language Acquisition provides an introduction to the work of teaching children and adolescents English as a New Language (ENL). The course begins with background on how one learns a single native language or bilingualism in early childhood. It continues with an exploration of who the students are and how acquisition of their first language factors into that of their second. There is an introduction to theories of second language acquisition followed by a focus on practices supported by research and theories. The course ends with a final project that connects theories and research with practice.

EDUC 6081 Linguistics for English Teachers (3 credits)

Linguistics for English Teachers offers an introduction to the study of language for English educators. The course begins with a focus on the sound system of English and then moves to the system of words and sentences. It continues with a focus on making meaning and then concludes with the places of language in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. 

EDUC 6082 Research-based Methods for Teaching English Language Learners (3 Credits)

Research-based Methods for Teaching English Language Learners offers an introduction to the goals and strategies of effective teaching for learners of English as a New Language (ENL). The course begins with a focus on the students and their educational needs. It continues with an introduction to methods for effective teaching based on research. Field observations provide opportunities to connect practices with theories and research. Projects include individual lesson planning.

EDUC 6083 Teaching English Language Learners in the Content Areas (3 credits)

As English language learners (ELLs) gain proficiency beyond the beginner stage, they become prepared to enter mainstream courses in the content areas. This course prepares teachers of content areas and teachers of English as a New Language (ENL) to collaborate in meeting the needs of ELLs who have entered mainstream courses. It offers strategies for helping ELLs reach their potential as they continue to advance in English proficiency while learning in the content courses.

EDUC 6084 Preschool - Grade 12 ESL Practicum (3 credits)

At the center of this course is a practicum of at least 20 days with equal parts in both elementary (P-6) and secondary (7-12) classes. A cooperating teacher and an ESC faculty member will share in supervising and mentoring the candidate. This experience enables candidates to apply their knowledge toward developing skills in actual classrooms. All candidates in this course will meet synchronously and asynchronously as a group several times with the course instructor for seminars to discuss their challenges and accomplishments toward professional growth. Course assignments will merge in the construction of a portfolio that documents growth toward competence for teaching English language learners (ELLs).

Admission and Advisement

Admission to the programs require the applicant to hold a valid Initial, Professional, or Permanent NYS Teacher Certification and submit an official transcript of his or her bachelors and master's degree (if completed) along with a complete application. Visit the Academic Catalog for a full list of requirements for admission. Advising will be provided by the certificates' program coordinator, Dr. Gloria Kramer.

Apply online or request information for more details on the certificates in TESOL.

Tuition and Fees

Students completing this certificate pay the following tuition and fees:

Federal financial aid is not available unless concurrently matriculated in a master’s degree program.