Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Stimulated by rapid change and complexity, increasing demands for accountability, growing financial constraints and an aging population of workers, there is an increasing need for educated professionals in the nonprofit and public sectors. Professionals must understand both the unique aspects of their sectors, as well as relevant for-profit concepts and practices that they might adapt or use. In addition, because of changes in the for-profit sector, most notably the inclusion of social responsibility and social initiatives in their strategic plans, for-profit-sector employees increasingly need to understand the nonprofit and public sectors.

This certificate program provides tools for the development of strategic planning, leadership and management skills for nonprofit professionals.

Program Design

Courses are taught online and students may begin the certificate program in the fall, spring or summer terms.

Required Courses and Suggested Sequence

MGMT 6040 High Performance Management (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the managerial leadership roles and competencies needed to translate strategic visions into tactical and operational plans. It also examines tools and methodologies to improve organizational efficiency and productivity through integration, communication and the management of knowledge-based organizations. Students identify, develop and apply competencies associated with the dynamics of change and flexibility, and then balance them with the competencies required to lead with stability and control.

MGMT 6105 Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3 Credits)

In this course, students will explore leadership in public and nonprofit organizations. The course begins with a consideration of the nature of leadership, the tasks of leaders and the traits of effective leadership. Next, students examine leadership theories, their particular application to the public and nonprofit sectors and challenges facing these sectors. Finally, students will complete an independent research project dealing with leadership in public and nonprofit organizations.

MGMT 6160 Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3 Credits)

Strategic planning and management are increasingly essential in a world of rapid change and complexity, relentless competition for funding and increasing demands for accountability. In Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, students explore the process by which organizations gain competitive advantage and optimal long-term performance in such an environment. This process is rooted in the organization's mission and values, is dynamic and changes with changing circumstances, integrates plans and actions and leverages strengths and resources to take advantage of the organization's opportunities.

MGMT 7055 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations (3 Credits)

Students will examine marketing issues in the larger context of the strategic-planning process and apply marketing principles to a variety of situations relevant to nonprofit and government agencies. Students will consider ethical issues of strategic value and social responsibilities of marketing professionals.

Admission and Advisement

Admission to the certificate program requires the applicant to submit an official transcript of his or her bachelor’s degree along with a completed application. Advising will be provided by the certificate program coordinator, Dr. Joseph Angiello.

While the 12 credits are fully transferable into the MBA program, acceptance to the MBA will require candidates to apply to the master’s degree program and complete the full admission process. Completion of the graduate certificate does not guarantee admission to the master’s degree program.

Advanced certificates may be incorporated into a related master's degree for those meeting the program admission requirements.

Apply online or request information for more details on the Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Tuition and Fees

Students completing this certificate pay the following tuition and fees:

Federal financial aid is not available unless concurrently matriculated in a master’s degree program.