Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management provides students with a strong foundation to advance within the evolving HR profession, with coursework in:

  • staffing issues
  • selection issues
  • developing internal talent
  • succession planning
  • integrating staffing activities with diversity and equal employment opportunity initiatives
  • total rewards systems
  • compensation structure and systems
  • benefit programs
  • compensation and benefits legislation

The graduate certificate is in complete alignment with the professional competencies outlined by the Society for Human Resources Management, accepted globally as the highest professional standard for the practice of human resources.

Program Design

Courses are taught online and students may begin the certificate program in the fall, spring or summer terms.

Required Courses and Suggested Sequence

MGMT 6040 High Performance Management (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the managerial leadership roles and competencies needed to translate strategic visions into tactical and operational plans. It also examines:

  • tools and methodologies to improve organizational efficiency and productivity through integration
  • communication
  • management of knowledge-based organizations

Students identify, develop and apply competencies associated with the dynamics of change and flexibility, and then balance them with the competencies required to lead with stability and control.

MGMT 6125 Managing Human Capital (3 Credits)

Beginning with an overview of human resources roles to address the strategic needs of organizations, students explore topics such as:

  • work force planning and talent management
  •  thinking strategically about staffing and selection issues
  • acquiring competencies through training and development
  • succession planning
  • employment testing
  • successful employment interviewing
  • organizational entry and socialization (on-boarding)

MGMT 6135 Performance Management and Total Rewards (3 Credits)

Performance management and total rewards systems provide a value proposition to both the organization and its employees by offering a package that should result in satisfied and productive employees that deliver organizational goals and objectives. This course examines how managing individual and organizational performance coupled with a total rewards system can play a strategic role in organizational effectiveness.

The study includes examination of:

  • performance-management systems
  • compensation structure and systems design
  • benefit programs
  • compensation and benefits legislation
  • the contrast between employee and labor relations
  • employment law and challenges associated with managing a diverse workforce
  • managing individual and organizational performance to maximize business results
  • risk minimization through occupational health and safety

Lectures, assigned readings, discussions, case studies and student projects will be used to explore the strategic role of the human-resource function.

MGMT 7045 Strategic Human-Resource Management (3 Credits)

This course offers students a look at how successful companies align human-resource strategy with overall organizational and functional strategy.

The course covers:

  • contributions of HR strategy to overall organizational success
  • strategic choices available to firms regarding legal compliance for a diverse workforce
  • use of forecasting methods and HR planning tools
  • strategic importance of selection and training models that align employees' skills with organizational needs
  • developing an overall approach to compensation
  • using competency-based job evaluations
  • recognizing the strategic importance of workplace safety and health
  • using knowledge to develop partnership roles in job analysis and competency modeling

Admission and Advisement

Admission to the certificate program requires the applicant to submit an official transcript of his or her bachelor’s degree along with a completed application. Advising will be provided by the certificate program coordinator, Dr. Michael Fortunato.

While the 12 credits are fully transferable into the MBA program, acceptance to the MBA will require candidates to apply to the master’s-degree program and complete the full admission process. Completion of the graduate certificate does not guarantee admission to the master’s-degree program.

Advanced certificates may be incorporated into a related master's degree for those meeting the program admission requirements.

Apply online or request information for more details on the Certificate in Human Resource Management.

Tuition and Fees

Students completing this certificate pay the following tuition and fees:

Federal financial aid is not available unless concurrently matriculated in a master’s degree program.