Ethical Responsibility

Definition: Ethical responsibility is the ability to recognize, interpret and act upon multiple principles and values according to the standards within a given field and/or context.

Students explore various complexities, dynamics and issues surrounding behavior and ethical practices in order to understand best ways to make decisions and resolve issues at personal, group and societal levels.

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  • How did I learn about the ethics in this field? What do I agree/disagree with?
  • How do I exemplify the ethics and principles in this field? How I have I taught them to others?
  • How have I handled a situation in an ethical or unethical manner? How did it challenge me?
  • How did I form my own code of ethics? Who influenced this? How do I determine right from wrong?
  • How do I assess ethical and unethical behavior in myself and others?

  • collaborations, partnerships, teamwork
  • service learning
  • volunteerism
  • social/political action activities, community advocacy, social advocacy
  • leadership roles
  • ethical training certificates
  • teaching others, conducting trainings, leading workshops
  • development of policies, practices, standards, criteria, organizational mission
  • examples of ethical dilemmas and solutions

  • demonstrates an understanding of a range of principles, standards and values involved in making ethical decisions and the application of knowledge
  • engages in decision making according to the standards of practice and ethics of the field
  • communicates situations, information and outcomes to others accurately and based on ethical standards of the field
  • reflects upon one's own actions and implications in situations and takes responsibility for actions while working with others and/or solving problems.

  • recognizes different perspectives and analyzes situations to provide best solutions under particular circumstances according to the standards of practice and ethics of the field
  • develops an ethical framework based on the field’s standards of practice and takes responsibilities for decision making and actions based on this framework in various and unpredictable contexts
  • participates in the formation of mission, vision and values in a field or organization
  • assesses the impact of different activities on the environment, society and the field and develops a sense of social responsibility while making judgments and decisions on these activities.