Academic Integrity Quiz

Introductory Quiz

Test yourself: Answer yes or no to each question. Click on the question to see the correct answer with an explanation.

Yes. Professors assume your work is original to their course, unless you specifically cite the prior work. If you want to build on prior work, discuss this with your professor prior to submitting your paper, so he or she knows which work has been done specifically for the current course.

Yes. By eliminating data, you are making a dishonest and false statement. Most subject fields have guidelines for appropriate methods of data collection as well as other recommended practices. Speak with your mentor or tutor to learn more about these sources in your area of study.

Yes. This is cheating. Both you and your friend are guilty of misrepresenting the work of another person as your own.

Yes. You have facilitated an act of academic dishonesty.

No. Paraphrasing the content of an article is acceptable, however, you are guilty of plagiarism if you do not properly acknowledge the source of the information. Whether you choose to paraphrase or quote the source directly, you must include a reference to the author within the text of the paper or with a footnote.


0-2 Correct Answers

Be careful. You are likely to encounter problems because you're not well informed on the issues. Take some time to return to the Academic Integrity home page and explore the rest of this site.

3-4 Correct Answers

You have a good understanding of acceptable behavior when it comes to academic integrity. It's a good idea to fill in the remaining gaps in your knowledge by reviewing what you have read so far.

5 Correct Answers

Well done! You're off to a good start. However, the practical world of academic integrity is rarely this cut and dry. Take a moment to explore the Academic Integrity home page to learn more.