Empire State University Points of Pride

For nearly 3 decades, SUNY Empire has ranked first in student satisfaction among its peer SUNY institutions.

Most recently, SUNY Empire ranked first in 39 areas spanning six categories, from academic-related services and information technology services to campus climate and ancillary services, such as billing and financial aid.

SUNY Empire is the largest-serving, four-year, military-affiliated institution in the State University of New York.

In fact, the most recent data available shows that 20% of all military-affiliated degrees granted within SUNY are granted by SUNY Empire State. (Military-affiliated degrees include those awarded to military spouses and child dependents.)

More than half of students who complete an associate or a bachelor’s degree at SUNY Empire receive credits from some form of prior learning assessment (PLA)

On average, students who receive PLA credits and complete an associate degree cut their time to degree by 2-3 terms and save approximately $7,000. Students who receive PLA credits and complete a bachelor’s degree can cut their time to degree by 3-4 terms and save more than $10,000.

Our online courses are designed to be taught online.

The pandemic ushered in new competition looking to launch or expand their online offerings, but SUNY Empire is decades ahead of them. Our classes aren’t traditional classes taught remotely. Ours are planned, prepared, and developed by instructional designers and faculty steeped in online course design best practices, from learning objectives and assessments to faculty/student interaction, online student support, technology, and more.

SUNY Empire serves a higher percentage of adult and working learners than any other undergraduate degree granting institution in NYS.

Eighty-one percent of our undergraduate students are over the age of 25, and nearly 70% of SUNY Empire students report that they are working full time while they are pursuing their degree.

SUNY Empire offers 123 fully online programs.

During the 2021-22 academic year, SUNY Empire offered 123 fully online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs.

SUNY Empire is the first and ONLY university designated an Autism Supportive College.

The designation from Anderson Center for Autism signals that SUNY Empire embeds supports into its culture, infrastructure, and planning to create an inclusive environment and improved academic experience for Neurodivergent students.

Our opportunity programs serve students statewide — at all stages of life and learning.

While other opportunity programs focus on first time, full-time freshmen, SUNY Empire offers opportunity programs that span the state and serve every type of student — first-time freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students, full or part time.

Our online student and academic supports are as comprehensive as — and often more comprehensive than — those at a traditional college or university.

Students can access our holistic online student supports anywhere in the world. They include 24/7 online tutoring, interactive learning tools, online student engagement programs, career programming, basic-needs outreach, and free and confidential mental health counseling for all students.

We're proud of our student diversity.

Of those who report race or ethnicity, our student population closely mirrors the race and ethnicity of the state of New York. Our students also represent a diverse range of ages — from 15 to 81. We are committed to educational access, creating opportunity for international students to earn a high-quality American degree online and at onsite locations abroad to meet learners where they are, all over the world.

Download our Points of Pride

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