Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy

Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy


Vice President for Administration and Finance


Director of Human Resources


Human Resources



Effective Date:


Implementation History:

First version 3/2023


Workplace Violence, Gender, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Domestic Violence

Background Information:

The SUNY Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy, 6508, was adopted in January of 2023. The policy requires all SUNY campuses to adopt the same policy and draft procedures for reporting.  


Empire State University is committed to maintaining a learning environment and a workplace free from domestic and other forms of gender-based violence. SUNY in its continuing effort to facilitate a safe and welcoming environment in education and employment, and in support of federal and state gender-based violence prevention legislation, has adopted the following policy in furtherance of such efforts.


Supervisor- Person(s) with direct oversight of individual employee work, work activities and development within a department or division of the university.


This policy incorporates and appends the provisions, definitions, and requirements of The SUNY Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy, 6508.

This Policy shall extend to all full, part-time, and temporary employees, volunteers, and interns engaged by SUNY Empire State University in any official work capacity. Whenever possible, this Policy shall be extended to consultants, contractors, and other on-site providers.

The Director of Human Resources shall be the SUNY Empire Domestic Violence Agency Liaison (Campus DVAL). The Campus DVAL is responsible for managing reports on the campus level, working with employees who make reports under this Policy and providing periodic reports to the SUNY System Administration DVAL (System DVAL). Additionally, the Campus DVAL will fulfill responsibilities as listed in section C of the SUNY policy and ensure all required activities have been met.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

The SUNY Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy, 6508

Gov. Hochul Executive Order No. 17 (2022) - Requiring the Adoption of Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policies (codified at 9 NYCRR 9.17)

Related References, Policies, Procedures, Forms and Appendices


Observations of activities in violation of this policy should be reported using the procedures found in the SUNY Empire Workplace Violence Policy.

Student and employees should reference the SUNY Empire Discrimination Complaint Procedures to report a violation of this policy.

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