Dean/Associate Dean Search Committee Guidelines

Dean/Associate Dean Search Committee Guidelines


Office of the Provost (in coordination with the Office of Affirmative Action)


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Empire State College is committed to the principles, policies and practices of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. The hiring process requires the conscious consideration of such factors as race/ethnicity, gender, national origin, age, disability and veteran status to ensure the diversity of our faculty and staff. It is the responsibility of every hiring official and search committee member to ensure that applicants from underrepresented groups receive full and fair consideration on the basis of job-related criteria. The search committee process should allow members to carry out their responsibility in a timely, ethical and legal manner.

Search committee members are responsible for screening and selecting qualified candidates for open positions. The search committee process is structured to break down bias and assist in bringing the best possible talent to the college. Discussions within search committees are confidential. In accordance with the college’s affirmative action guidelines, the committee recommends two to three highly qualified candidates to the provost/vice president for academic affairs. The provost makes the final recommendation to the president.

Below is the search committee composition for the positions of dean and associate dean. This process is in accordance with college bylaws.

Search Committee Composition:

At a minimum, the search committee is composed of three faculty and one professional employee, nominated and selected by established center or program personnel procedures.  The provost/vice president for academic affairs appoints the chair, in consultation with the appropriate vice provost, and may also appoint a dean or associate dean as a committee member. In addition, the search committee chair seeks a College Senate representative, typically identified by the chair of the College Senate, and a representative identified by the college president.

Committee Composition:

  • three center or program faculty
  • one center or program professional employee
  • dean or associate dean representative
  • College Senate representative
  • president’s representative

Note: chair is appointed by provost/VPAA

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Bylaws of Empire State College 2011 (PDF 170kB)

Reviewed on 11/13/2012