Use of University Name and Wordmark Policy

Use of University Name and Wordmark Policy


Office of Enrollment Management and Student Services


Senior Director of Marketing


Communications and Marketing



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Approved 09/01/1992.


University Name, Use of University Name, Wordmark, Symbols, Logo

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To protect the university's trademark for all logos, symbols, etc. that pertain to SUNY Empire State University



The SUNY Empire State University name, symbols, logo and wordmark are protected trademarks of Empire State University. It is the policy of the university to permit the use of these trademarks by centers, Coordinating Center offices and alumni/student associations for purposes of public relations and fund raising, where the proceeds benefit the university and its students. Notwithstanding such policy, the university reserves its right, at its sole discretion, to revoke or restrict such use of its trademarks for commercial purposes and in any other circumstances.

Any group wishing to use the trademark(s) must receive written permission from the senior director of marketing. Such permission will set forth the name of the group, the nature of the use and restrictions regarding the standards and quality of the goods and services in connection with which the trademark(s) are used. The university reserves the right to approve samples showing the proposed use of the trademarked product or service prior to production and distribution.

The Empire State University trademarks should not be used in any manner suggesting advocacy or official position of the university regarding any issues including, but not limited to, political issues.

For further information to use the Empire State University trademarks, contact the senior director of marketing at 518-587-2100.

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