Cross Registration at Other Institutions Policy

Cross Registration at Other Institutions Policy


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11/15/1985 (implementation supersedes 1976 policy), revised 09/01/1995 and 02/28/2002, 09/01/2019


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Empire State University students may cross register at other institutions. This option expands the variety of learning resources available. For cross registration, a course must be taken for academic credit at a college or university that is accredited or a candidate for accreditation by a recognized regional accrediting agency.



An undergraduate student may cross register for no more than 50 percent of his or her total Empire State University learning contract credits. A graduate student may transfer, cross register, and/or earned evaluated credit for up to a combined total of 12 credits into a master's program in the School for Graduate Studies or 9 credits into a master's program in the School of Nursing and 3 credits into a certificate program in either school. A student may satisfy no more than a combined total of 50% of the credits toward a graduate certificate or degree program using transfer, cross registration, evaluated credit ( e.g. prior learning assessment or direct assessment), and shared credits from a previously awarded graduate credential at the same level combined. Schools and individual programs may set lower limits for transfer, cross registration, and evaluated credit. See the Graduate Catalog for individual program limits.

For study taken through cross registration at another institution, the learning contract must document the name of the other institution, the course number and the minimum acceptable grade for the credit award at SUNY Empire (at the undergraduate level: C or better; at the graduate level: B or better).

The amount of credit to be earned for a cross-registered course must be expressed in semester hours on the SUNY Empire enrollment documents.

The student must request that the other institution send an official (institution-to-institution) transcript to SUNY Empire. The contract evaluation or learning contract outcome should refer to the outcome reported on the official transcript. The official transcript is retained by the Office of the Registrar in the student file.

The start date of a cross registered course must fall within the same financial aid term (fall, spring or summer) as all other components in the SUNY Empire enrollment.

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To cross register, the student must enroll for the course through an Empire State University learning contract proposal (registration) approved by the mentor. The mentor submits an SUNY Empire learning contract for the course.

The student also must follow local cross-registration procedures. These depend on the type of host institution or on specific arrangements between SUNY Empire and the host institution.

SUNY Empire allows tuition adjustments for cross registrations. Procedures depend on the type of host institution or on specific arrangements between SUNY Empire and the host institution.

The student should contact the SUNY Empire center or program for information on cross registration and tuition adjustment procedures.