Student Clubs and Organizations Procedures

Student Clubs and Organizations Procedures


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Student Clubs and Organizations

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  1. Only officially recognized organizations may use the name of the State University of New York or Empire State University (the university) for identification purposes, obtain organizational privileges in the use of the university’s facilities and services, or imply university sponsorship or approval of their activities.
  2. Recognition (or withdrawal of recognition) of a group as a university organization is an executive responsibility of the President, acting on behalf of the Chancellor and trustees of the State University of New York. Responsibility for the coordination of policy development and for the administration of recognition procedures in the case of organizations having students as full members is delegated to the Director of Alumni and Student Relations. The final decision to grant or withdraw recognition rests with the President or his/her designee.
  3. Determination of criteria for membership and for active status is the prerogative of each organization, insofar as it is consistent with State and Federal law. No organization may restrict its selection of members or assignment of voting privileges, rank or office, based on illegal differentiation or based on an individual’s previous affiliations. There will be no discrimination based on race, gender, color, religions, age national origin, disability or sexual orientation. The names, purposes and procedures of organizations must reflect this policy of nondiscrimination.
  4. Local affiliates of national organizations must be entirely free to select individual members from among the generally qualified; outside approval shall not be required.
  5. Gender associated or otherwise circumscribed names should not be interpreted as denying or prohibiting membership to any person wishing to join any registered organization, or to participate in its activities. Students are free to select any group of their choosing.
  6. Each group applying for recognition must agree to abide by all regulations of the university and the State University of New York. Applications of original recognition or renewed recognition will be submitted to the Director of Alumni and Student Relations. Each application for recognition must include the following information:
    • a brief statement of the organization’s purpose and proposed activities
    • membership requirements
    • sources of income and costs to members
    • assurance of responsible financial accounting to its membership
    • a list of current officers with their addresses and telephone numbers, including national or regional officer, if applicable
    • name of university faculty/professional advisor
  1. Any constitution approved by organization members must be submitted to the Director of Alumni and Student Relations. All information required in the application for recognition (as detailed above) must be furnished separately.
  2. Student organization credentials are maintained by the Office of Alumni and Student Relations and must be renewed or updated yearly. Failure to renew credentials or to comply with other university regulations will result in temporary or permanent withdrawal of official recognition.
  3. Recognition of student groups by the university will not extend beyond the university facilities. Any activities by student groups beyond university locations are the responsibility of individual students and not campus administration. Events and meetings held at university locations must be approved and registered with the Director of Alumni and Student Relations and the Center Dean. The Director and relevant Dean may approve, for posting purposes only, announcements of off-campus events.
  4. Student organizations bringing discredit upon themselves or the university may lose their recognition at the discretion of the President.
  5. Any organization that receives financial assistance from the Student Activity Fee fund must maintain all deposits in an account administered by the Office of Alumni and Student Relations. For further information on procedures, please contact the Office of Alumni and Student Relations.

***All informal groups meeting on a regular or ad hoc basis are not bound by this policy. Any group desiring official university recognition and financial assistance must submit an application and is subject to all policies described above.

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