Second Bachelor’s Degree Policy

Second Bachelor’s Degree Policy


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Approved: May 6, 1980; Supersedes 1976 Policy; Revised May 2014 for implementation September 2014; May 1996; February 1996


Second Bachelor’s Degree, Second Degree, 2nd Degree

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This policy outlines the criteria for the awarding of a second bachelor’s degree.



Occasionally, people who already hold bachelor's degrees from Empire State University or other institutions seek to enroll for a second degree. Potential students who seek to enroll for a second bachelor's at Empire State University should first consider that other approaches may be preferable. They should consider whether they might be better served by seeking to enroll in an appropriate master's program or by taking a traditional course or sequence of courses or by enrolling as non-matriculated students at Empire State.

In some cases, however, potential students will be well aware of alternatives and still choose to seek a second bachelor's degree. Such students will be subject to the same graduation requirements as all other students, viz., they will have to complete satisfactorily an approved degree program including 124 credits with at least 31 new credits of contract learning. The program also must include at least 4 credits of educational planning. Previous credit from Empire State University and other accredited degree granting institutions as well as assessed learning may be credited toward a second bachelor's degree up to a limit of 93 credits. A second bachelor's degree program must include at least 4 credits of educational planning, but planning of both degrees may be done in the same contract. A second bachelor's degree must meet a significantly different educational objective from the first degree.

The university will in no case award two degrees for the same 124 credits. Students who wish a double concentration within a single degree may develop such a program but they will not receive two degrees. Students who complete an Empire State University bachelor's degree must reapply for admission if they wish to pursue a second bachelor's degree. Some forms of financial aid are not available to students pursuing undergraduate study beyond a first bachelor's degree.

The university also complies with the SUNY policy on awarding of two degrees at the same level.

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