Credit Card Marketing Policy

Credit Card Marketing Policy


Office of Administration


Vice President for Administration and Finance


Business and Procurement



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Credit Cards, Marketing

Background Information:

Pursuant to NYS Education Law Section 6437, the advertising, marketing or merchandising of credits cards through Empire State University or at its events is prohibited, unless written permission is obtained from the vice president for administration and finance.


To set the university’s policy related to credit card marketing.



The university shall prohibit the advertising, marketing or merchandising of credit cards on university campuses to students, except pursuant to an official university credit card marketing policy. The official univeristy credit card marketing policy includes:

  1. registration of on-campus credit card marketers
  2. limiting credit card marketers to specific dates and specific areas of the campus as designated by the college
  3. prohibiting credit card marketers from offering gifts to a student in exchange for completing a credit card application
  4. informing students about good credit management practices through programs which may include workshops, seminars, discussion groups and media presentations.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

NYS Education Law §6437 (Prohibition on the marketing of credit cards.)

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