Firearms Policy

Firearms Policy


Office of Safety & Security


Office of Safety & Security


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09/30/20, 09/01/2007


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To set the policy for firearms possession on University properties.



SUNY Empire State University prohibits any person from possessing air guns, firearms, rifles, shotguns or other weapons at any University facility or University sponsored event without the written authorization of the University president or designee. This policy applies to law enforcement officials who may otherwise be authorized to carry firearms while off-duty and to other individuals who may be licensed to carry firearms.

This policy does not apply to law enforcement officials who are performing official duties as authorized by state or federal law.


Any employee, student, or vendor that wishes to request special authorization from the president or designee to carry a firearm on SUNY Empire property may request such authorization by emailing the director of safety and security at . These procedures apply to law enforcement officials entering SUNY Empire property who are not performing official duties.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

8 NYCRR Part 590 –SUNY’s regulations relating to firearms;

SUNY’s Policy for Firearms on State Operated Campuses;

8 NYCRR Part 535 SUNY’s regulations for the maintenance of public order


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