Graduate Nonmatriculated Enrollment Policy

Graduate Nonmatriculated Enrollment Policy


School for Graduate Studies and School of Nursing and Allied Health


Director of Graduate Student and Academic Services


Graduate Studies



Effective Date:


Implementation History:

Originally implemented 07/10/2011, subsequently revised May 30, 2019 & 1/1/2021.


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Background Information:


Defines enrollment for student not seeking a degree


Nonmatriculated: nondegree study; not admitted to a graduate program


A student may wish to engage in graduate-level study with no intention to earn a degree. For example, a student may want to stay current in the field or earn credit that will count toward a degree at another college or university.


  1. The following applies to nonmatriculated study:
    1. Study is limited to two graduate courses in the School of Nursing and Allied Health if the student is in good academic and financial standing.
    2. Students may complete as many courses as they wish in the School for Graduate Studies. However, the number of courses taken as a non-matriculated student that can later be applied to a degree or advanced certificate program is limited by the Graduate Transfer, Cross-Registration, Nonmatriculated, & Evaluated Credit Policy.
    3. The student may enroll in a limited selection of courses offered each term.
    4. An official transcript must be provided verifying completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher level degree from a regionally accredited institution prior to registration as a nonmatriculated student.
  2. If a student begins as nonmatriculated and is later admitted to a degree or certificate program, only those courses appropriate to the degree or certificate program are eligible to be counted toward degree or certificate program.
  3. Although successful completion of courses as a nonmatriculated student will be considered in admissions decisions, it does not automatically qualify an individual for admission.
  4. Nonmatriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.
  5. Active status is determined by the Graduate Minimum Study Policy.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

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