Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy


Title IX Coordinator


Title IX Coordinator


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Sexual Assault; Title IX; Affirmative Consent; Policy for Alcohol and/or Drug Use Amnesty on Sexual Violence Cases; Climate Assessment Policy; Sexual Violence Victim/Survivor Bill of Rights; Sexual Violence Response Policy; Options for Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence; Student Onboarding and Ongoing Education Guide

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Empire State University is committed to maintaining a safe environment that is supportive of its primary educational mission and free from all exploitation and intimidation. The university will not tolerate sexual harassment, sexual assault or any other form of nonconsensual sexual activity to include dating violence, domestic violence and/or stalking.

It is essential that students who are sexually assaulted receive support and medical treatment as soon as possible. This document outlines the policies and procedures that will allow members of the university community to be effective at referring victims of assault to medical, psychological and legal resources. The university’s Student Code of Conduct provides additional information for students.

This policy reflects SUNY’s Policies on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response and is in compliance with NYS law, chapter 75 of the laws of 2015.



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