SUNY Empire Emergency Operations Plan

SUNY Empire Emergency Operations Plan


Office of the President


Director of Safety and Security


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Implementation History:

Revised 2020, 2022


Emergency, Safety, Procedures, Business Continuity

Background Information:

The campus EOP has recently been implemented and reflects current emergency management approaches. This EOP will change as emergency management technologies and approaches change, as new threats emerge and as campus emergency management officials change. 

The full plan is available on the Office of Safety and Security webpage


In compliance with federal and state regulations, SUNY Empire State College (SUNY EMPIRE) maintains an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). While this EOP is focused primarily on the response to any campus emergency, it also guides coordination of all phases of emergency management operations to minimize the impact of emergencies on campus operations, community members and property.



The full plan is available on the Office of Safety and Security webpage. 

Resolution of Adoption
By virtue of the authority vested in me by the “State University of New York Board of Trustees” as President of State University of New York Empire State College (SUNY EMPIRE) and as the administrator ultimately responsible for emergency management on campus, I hereby promulgate and re-issue the continuance the SUNY EMPIRE Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) originally dated October 20, 2020, and updated September 21, 2022. The EOP provides for SUNY EMPIRE’S response to emergencies and disasters to save lives, protect public health, safety, and property, restore essential services, and enable and assist with economic recovery.
The EOP complies with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as implemented in the National Response Framework. 

The President or his/her designee may authorize the activation of the command post to
direct and control SUNY EMPIRE’S emergency operations. Augmentation of the command post
shall constitute implementation of the EOP.

Furthermore, SUNY EMPIRE’S Director of Safety and Security or his/her designee is
hereby authorized, in coordination with the President to amend the EOP as necessary to ensure
the continued health and safety of the students, faculty, staff and property of SUNY EMPIRE.

The President shall appoint an Incident Management Team consisting of representatives
of college departments and programs. The Incident Management Team shall be assigned the
following responsibilities:

1. Coordinate with the emergency manager regarding emergency preparedness, response, and recovery issues.
2. Prepare and maintain designated parts of the EOP for which the department or program is responsible.
3. Prepare and maintain internal plans and procedures to fulfill the responsibilities designated in the EOP.
4. Ensure that persons identified on the SUNY EMPIRE’S Directory and Organizational chart are available for training, exercises, and activations of the EOP.
5. Coordinate appropriate training for their department personnel assigned to disaster operations.
6. Prepare and maintain internal emergency preparedness, response and recovery plans for the department or program’s resources (facilities, personnel, and assets) that outline a comprehensive and effective program to ensure continuity of essential functions under all circumstances.
7. Demonstrate preparedness plans for its department’s facilities that coordinate with applicable local emergency management agencies.

This promulgation shall be effective upon its signing and shall remain in effect until amended or
rescinded by the SUNY EMPIRE President.


Applicable Legislation and Regulations

Emergency Response Plan Requirements: Document Number 5606

Governor’s Executive Order Number 26: Establishing a Management System for Emergency Response 

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