Graduate Fresh Start Policy

Graduate Fresh Start Policy


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To identify conditions under which a student may have courses from previous matriculations excluded from Graduate Grade Pont Averages (GPA).


Fresh Start - when course outcomes from prior matriculations are excluded from current graduate cumulative GPA and program GPA.


In certain circumstances, a graduate student who performed poorly in a previous matriculation may request a Fresh Start  when matriculating in a new degree or certificate program. To be eligible for a fresh start, a student must be applying for, or matriculated in, a new graduate degree or certificate. A student must request a Fresh Start at the time of application or during the student's first term of enrollment in the new degree or certificate program from the appropriate school's dean, or designee. Approval of a Fresh Start is at the sole discretion of the dean, or designee. Additionally, the dean of the appropriate school, or designee, may at his or her sole discretion grant a Fresh Start at the time of reinstatement for students who are being reinstated into a degree or certificate program after an academic dismissal. It is important to note that the Fresh Start policy does not impact calculations for Satisfactory Academic Progress related to financial aid eligibility.


An explanation of the appeals process is in the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures.

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