Financial Literacy

SUNY Smart Track Financial Literacy

The SUNY Smart Track interactive education experience will help you achieve smarter money management. Also, learn about budgeting, credit cards, banking, credit history, investing, and much more. Financial literacy begins here.

Cash Course: Link to this site to learn about different aspects of your finances by understanding debt-management practices and the importance of establishing a healthy credit history. This section includes information on budgeting and financial planning, banking, credit, protecting yourself from identity theft, planning for retirement, and more. *Cash Course is sponsored by The National Endowment for Financial Education, an independent nonprofit foundation. This link provides financial tools including financial checklists, calculators, worksheets, and more. Life event financial information is also included to provide resources based on where you are in life - from going to college, to the birth/adoption of a child, to retirement. *This site is sponsored by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, comprising 20 agencies and bureaus of the U.S. federal government.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy: This site provides more information to help you understand your personal finances through every stage of life. *This site is sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

College Savings Program: Looking for a way to save for college education and save on taxes? New York's College Savings Program could be the answer. For information, link to the New York State Higher Education Services webpages on the College Savings Program.

Debt Management: Empire State University is committed to promoting student success by helping students demonstrate financial responsibility through repayment of the funds borrowed to finance their education. Use this section to see sample monthly repayment schedules, link to view your loan history and find out about loan consolidation.