The Boyer Legacy Society

The Boyer Legacy Society recognizes those individuals who have named Empire State University in their will or as the beneficiary of a trust or other planned gift.

The Boyer Legacy Society, established by the SUNY Empire Foundation in 1994, honors Ernest L. Boyer, Sr., who was the chancellor of the State University of New York from 1970 to 1977. Ahead of his time, Dr. Boyer envisioned university study available at times and places convenient to students of different ages and backgrounds. He saw the possibilities of awarding a degree for what a student knew, rather than for time served in a classroom. Empire State University exemplifies Dr. Boyer’s vision.

The society also honors the late Kathryn G. Boyer '78; an adult student whose needs mirrored her husband’s vision and who successfully completed her degree at Empire State University. Following her graduation, Kay served on the board of directors of the SUNY Empire Foundation.

Membership in the Boyer Society is open to all who notify us of their decision to include the university in their estate plans. The details of gift arrangements are confidential, and members may remain anonymous.

Membership represents an outstanding commitment to the university and helps ensure that SUNY Empire maintains its leadership in higher education for adult students who seek better jobs and careers, richer intellectual lives, and sophisticated skills that are essential to be knowledgeable citizens of the nation and the world.

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