Foundation Board

The SUNY Empire Foundation promotes the quality and visibility of the university. It raises funds to enhance student aid, faculty excellence, and facilities and infrastructure. It promotes innovation, new program development and outreach.

The Foundation invests and responsibly manages funds to assure the ethical stewardship of gifts. By encouraging philanthropy and stewardship, the Foundation supports the future growth of the university in becoming an international model of adult learning.

SUNY Empire Foundation Officers and Directors

Phillip B. Catchings

Boston, MA

Dora Cervantes, ’19

Upper Marlboro, MD

Marian Conway, Ph.D. ’01, ’04

Roslyn, NY
Chair of the Foundation Board

John J. Corrou, ’94

Saratoga Springs, NY

Susan Dake

Saratoga Springs, NY

Tina Evans, Ph.D. ’97

New York, NY

Christopher J. Feeley, ’86

Stratford, CT

David A. Fullard, Ph.D.

New York, NY
Secretary of the Foundation Board

Scott T. Johnson

Saratoga Springs, NY

James G. Karcher, ’79

Old Field, NY

Althea Luehrsen, ’02, ’10

Buffalo, NY
Vice Chair of the Foundation Board

Julie Majak

Julieta Majak

Saratoga Springs, NY
Treasurer of the Foundation Board

David J. Mazzetti '10

Poughkeepsie, NY

Marly Norris

Saratoga Springs, NY
Vice President for Advancement
Executive Director

Rodney Pope

Rodney Pope

Saddle River, NJ

David Theobald

David Theobald, ’13, ’17

Saratoga Springs, NY

Ann S. Turner, ’86

Blaine, MN

Amy J. Vaillancourt, ’98

Barkhamsted, CT

photo of Lisa Vollendorf

Lisa Vollendorf, Ph.D.

Saratoga Springs, NY
President, Empire State University


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