Center for International Education at Empire State University

The Center for International Education is a vehicle to fulfill an important aspect of the mission of Empire State University — making education accessible to those beyond our borders. Working with partners in various parts of the world, the university offers programs in these locations:

The center primarily serves undergraduate students. Degrees earned abroad are identical to those earned in the United States.

Students engage in classroom-based instruction in Athens, Prague, Thessaloniki and Tirana. Onsite Empire State University offices serve students studying in these cities.

The Lebanon Residency Program and the Dominican Republic Program combine short-term residencies with online learning.

In accordance with Empire State University's core philosophy, faculty mentors work closely with students to develop degree plans, choose courses and complete learning contracts. The Center for International Education draws faculty from across the university and from other institutions, as necessary. Local faculty provide academic support at sites where there is a need. Experienced professors provide personalized academic support and degree planning services to all students.

Transfer Policy

Credits earned at foreign universities other than partner institutions can be counted toward the completion of your degree. Transcripts must be evaluated by one of the following approved evaluation services:

It is possible for students to transfer up to 40 credits for an associate degree and/or up to 93 credits for a bachelor's degree.

Instruction is in English.

Students must read, speak and write in English at the university level to be admitted to the program. Where necessary, students may be required to undergo English proficiency testing.